It’s Never Late to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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Do you feel you have crossed your prime age living an unhealthy lifestyle? Most of this guilt may stem from eating junk food. An unhealthy diet is the most apparent cause of health problems and many chronic diseases related to the heart and kidneys. You have time to fix your mistakes even if you have crossed your 50s or 60s.

Yes, you read that read! Scientists have found that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of age. Let’s look more into this subject in this detailed guide.

The Scientific Study

Scientists conducted a study in the New England Journal of Medicine on around 74,000 people. Their age group was between 30 and 75, and this research continued for over 20 years. In this period, scientists monitored these people’s eating habits and diets. They separated the individuals based on scores. People eating unhealthy foods scored low index points, while people with a nutritious diet gained a higher score.

An unhealthy diet consisted primarily of processed meats, sugary drinks, sweetened snacks, junk foods, etc. On the other hand, healthy food includes fruits, seeds, beans, nugs, veggies, and whole grains. The group with a higher diet score was found to have 14% fewer chances than people with an unhealthy diet to die during the study. Moreover, the nutritious group was
observed to be 7 to 15% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Thus, the scientists concluded that having a healthier diet can increase several years of your life expectancy. This step is as simple as replacing unhealthy foods with a diet consisting of fruits, nuts, beans, lentils, and foods with higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids and
unsaturated fats.

The key point to take away from this study is the age difference. Even 75-year-old individuals
could adopt this healthy diet to reduce their mortality rate during the study.

How Vending Machines Are Ruining Your Health

Are you an office worker who consumes snacks from vending machines on a daily basis? Then, we have bad and good news for you. The bad news is that you are ruining your health with these food items. A vending machine generally contains highly-sugarized snacks, sweetened beverages, potato chips, and processed foods. And these are all key ingredients of an unhealthy diet.

The good news is that it’s never too late to adopt a healthy diet. You can replace your existing
vending machine with a new one from a vendor, like Hardman’s Vending Alternative. These
machines contain healthy choices like fruits, nuts, and unprocessed foods. Also, they replace
sugar-heavy beverages with items like sparkling water. These items fulfill your workplace
hunger while keeping you healthy at the same time!


And that’s how vending machines can ultimately lead to a reduced life expectancy. You can
benefit from a healthy diet by starting today. At first, it may seem challenging. However, it will
feel as simple as replacing food choices after some time. All you need is to find healthy
alternatives to junk and processed foods. Make sure to consume nutritious snacks and
beverages during your workplace hours. They make you more productive by keeping you
physically and mentally fit!