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Hardman’s Alternative Vending offers healthy food and snack alternatives to keep your workplace healthy and energized. Cathy Hardman worked in a call center, and understands how unhealthy vending machine food can be. Day after day a call center representative takes two breaks and a half hour for lunch. Some bring their own lunch, but for the most part a call center employee will eat from the vending machines. Even those who bring their lunch, and maintain that they eat healthy will eat from the vending machines at least once a day. It’s just too tempting!

Our Story

Cathy witnessed two call center associates die at their desk. They both had unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles, and had been customer service representatives for over ten years. It scared her so much that she resigned after having worked seven years in this environment. Cathy knew in her heart that unhealthy eating habits, with little exercise, and the stress of working with the public contributed greatly to her friends last days.

More About our Vendors

When Cathy’s husband, Tom suggested they start a vending business to help in their golden years, Cathy remembered how unhealthy most employees eat in the workplace. The Hardmans started to dream of providing healthy vending machine options.
Cathy Hardman has a business background and handles the everyday things that come up, while Tom Hardman is the brawn that will load the machines and drive the routes. These two hard working entrepreneurs want to earn your trust and your business.

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